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Critical illness psychology is a subsection of psychology that was created by Brittany Clayborne, PsyD. After experiencing multiple life threatening illnesses Brittany found herself seeking, not just a psychologist, but someone that specialized in understanding and helping others work through specific types of thoughts and feelings that are common to critical illnesses. 

As Brittany embarked on her own cancer healing journey she also started her Doctorate of Psychology to help other survivors to not only process but empower themselves from surviving to THRIVING. 

Using a combination of Psychosynthesis and Mindfulness-Based Counseling, Dr. Clayborne's THRIVE Therapy© was created for those that are seeking to heal mentally in conjunction with their physical healing. 

The first THRIVE Therapy Session is free of charge. 

May you heal. May you grow. May you THRIVE.

Dr. Brittany

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