Rebirth is a program created specifically for critical illness patients. It allows each client to ground themselves in their new normal + begin growing into their new season of life. 

If you’ve been through or are experiencing any Critical Illness and find yourself experiencing:

  • Fear or reoccurrence of illness

  • Social Challenges

  • Body Insecurities

  • Infertility

  • Intimacy & Dating Fears

  • Late Effects

  • Poor Mental Health

  • Hiding being a mask

  • Lost sense of purpose 

The Rebirth program is for you.

There are so many thoughts and feelings that go with living through or with a critical illness and I want to make sure that you have the tools to navigate it just as well mentally as you have been able to do physically. I believe that your mind can help heal your body and having the correct guidance in doing so is pivotal in moving toward a happy and mentally healthy life.

I'm offering the first session free of charge in order to determine if Rebirth is a program that will be useful to your healing or if there is something that we can offer that is better suited. 

Dr. Brittany