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What Is The Do Something Amazing Transplant Krewe?

krewe [/kro͞o/] noun

      A group of people or organizations that join together for a specific cause.

"Do Something Amazing" those are the words that my cardiologist spoke to me after telling me that I needed a heart transplant. I have done a few things, but none that I felt really measured up to the challenge of something amazing. In the past few years I've realized the most amazing thing is HOPE. Hope requires a connection that the organ donation community is well acquainted with.


For our lives lived in the hands of hope. Some of us for months, others of us for years and living in the hands of hope has taught us how important connection is.


By creating the Do Something Amazing Transplant Krewe we will be able to reach around the country to help create hope by supporting small businesses and non-profits that are committed to helping the transplant community from diagnosis through various stages of their treatment.