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The                  List FAQs

1. What is The Thrive List?

  • The Thrive List is a dynamic directory and community platform for patient advocates. It is a space where individuals share their transformative stories, fostering a shift in mentalities, enhancing vision, and encouraging an evolution into healing.

2. How can I share my story on The Thrive List?

  • Once you are on the list ​and have gone through a free storytelling training a specific list of companies will have access to your story and will contact you if you fit their profile for the event.

3. Is there a specific format for sharing stories?

  • The THRIVE Storytelling Guide is a great way to learn more about telling your story. It’s $2 and supports the cost of maintaining The Thrive List. We encourage authenticity and creativity in storytelling. There's no rigid format, but we recommend including key elements such as the challenges faced, triumphs achieved, and lessons learned. Feel free to include multimedia elements like photos or videos if you wish. 

4. Can I remain anonymous when sharing my story?

  • Absolutely. We respect your privacy. You have the option to share your story anonymously if you prefer. Your well-being and comfort are our priorities. 

5. How can I connect with other advocates on The Thrive List?

  • You can connect with other advocates by connecting with them via their contact info which you will have access to.

6. Are there any events or initiatives I can participate in?

  • Yes, we regularly host events, discussions, and initiatives aimed at amplifying the impact of patient advocacy. Stay informed about upcoming activities through community newsletters.

7. Can I edit or update my story after sharing it?

8. How can I access resources on The Thrive List?

  • Explore the "Resources" section to access a curated collection of articles, tools, and other materials that complement and enrich your advocacy journey.

9. Is there a cost associated with being a part of The Thrive List?

  • No, The Thrive List is a free community platform. We believe in providing a supportive environment for patient advocates without any financial barriers.

10. How can I contact The Thrive List support team? - For any inquiries or assistance, you can reach out to our support team by contacting us here

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