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Roots is a statement of personal declaration, purpose, & passion.


Often in the midst of challenging situations we feel that we lose parts of ourselves. Through my research and living through several critical illnesses I have come to understand how important it is for a tree to have strong roots.

The very source of the tree's life lies within its roots, and although we can't see how deep or strong they are we have a knowing that without them the tree would cease to exist.

Keeping with the theme of trees, when we go through storms in life we will lose leaves, twigs & sometimes even large branches, but as long as the roots remain the tree will bloom again. 

The roots carry stability, strength, nourishment, and depth. They allow the tree to resist things that should have killed it for centuries.


 Finding our roots mentally, emotionally, & spiritually are just as important to thriving in human experience.

Welcome to Roots. Find Yourself Here.


Dr. Brittany

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