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The RX (script) is an intimate tripartite odyssey created with the intention of escorting evolution into the whole of the human. The entire journey lasts for 111 days or can be broken up into smaller pieces based on the needs of the individual. These programs access the Mental, Emotional + Spiritual of each individual with the intention of restoring synchronicity to this trio of the human experience.


Not sure which program is the right fit? Click here to take The Rx Assessment to begin your journey.

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OVERCOME is the inaugural step of The Rx. Some may need it, others may have already traveled this road in other ways. 

Overcome is a 60 day mental challenge that has been created to prepare each individual for mental evolution & unwavering belief in each's own power.

The mental blocks that life can create must be faced head on & doing so requires the courage to overcome. This stage is meant to train the mind to overcome so that the body can follow



RELEASE is the secondary step in The Rx. 


The human mind, specifically the amygdala, reminds us of events that are emotion based (fear, joy, shame, etc).


This is mostly helpful, but can sometimes be counterproductive as one tries to move past an event. In order to move to The Maverick Evolution one must RELEASE ​themselves from versions of self that were created to survive. Before embarking on the journey of RELEASE a strong mental constitution must be present. 

Release is a 30 day emotional immersion that calls to the deepest parts of each individual to engage the world from a place of self love, emotional maturity, and responsive growth.

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THE MAVERICK EVOLUTION is the final step in the journey. 

This stage begins with creating  a

Map of Self and ends with The Maverick Map, yet in order to make this journey you will have to be able to overcome your mindset and release versions of yourself that you created to survive. 

The Maverick Evolution assists each individual in observing oneself in varied, yet intimate forms. As we work together to restore the synchronicity of the human experience we will create micro size goals to help usher in YOUR Maverick. 

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