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  • Fun & friendly designs 

  • Great for kids and adults

  • Colorful & Vibrant Palette

  • Messages of helpfulness, humanity, and love.

• What is an Official T-Shirt Club?

By becoming a member of one of our T-Shirt Clubs, you get an exclusive t-shirt sent to you each month. Each design is exclusive to that month, and the design is only revealed when you open your exclusive shirt in the mail! These shirts will not be available for purchase outside of a club membership!


• Why should I join?

Exclusive, surprise, awesome shirts that help to fuel the passion of a young boy’s dream to provide mental and emotional support for children who are struggling (Micah Gives) or provide intentional and transformational messages to people all around the world (Brittany Speaks).


• How does membership work?

By purchasing a subscription, you will receive a t-shirt shipped to you each month. Subscriptions are monthly recurring. Purchases made in the calendar month will receive the exclusive design for the following month. 


• When can I subscribe?

Subscriptions are on-going, meaning there is no deadline or timeline to subscribe. Your subscription will begin with the following month's design. For instance, subscribe in April, then get May's shirt, etc. 


• When will my orders ship?

Subscription club shirts will ship around the 25th of each month, and purchases made in the calendar month will receive the exclusive tee design for the following month. So, all orders placed within April will have their shirts shipping around May 25th, and all orders within May will ship June 25th, and so on.


• Can I choose the specific design that I will receive?

Nope! Each month's design will be a unique and exclusive design to the subscribers for that month.


• Can I exchange my shirt?

Due to the custom and exclusive nature of this program, ongoing exchanges or returns on individual designs are not accepted. If you are not happy with the shirt size for your subscription, we can absolutely update the setting for the shirt size you receive for future subscription shipments, just email us with the request, and we'll get that updated. For one-time instances where you would like to exchange a shirt for a different size, we MAY have extra pieces in order to fill a request, but it is not guaranteed. Please email us with any questions.


• Can I opt out?

For Monthly subscriptions, renewals can be cancelled at anytime. Just email us with your request, and it will be taken care of.

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