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Julia Barton, Becky Burroughs, Kristy Castilleja, Dr. Brittany Clayborne, Tessa Kidd, Marie Masse, Pamela Meadows, Sheryl Morley, Penny Pereboom, April Adams Pertuis, Leanne Smith, Deb Cummins Stellato. Stephanie Talia, and Kofi Williams.

Meet 14 women who faced challenges—from heart failure at 29 to the end of a 40-year marriage—and not only lived to tell about them but found their voices and used them to shape a new sense of purpose. One lost both parents within a year. One suffered from devastating
postpartum depression. One struggled all her life to fit in and felt like she hadn’t succeeded at anything—ever. Others questioned their faith, drove themselves to exhaustion in their quest to prove their worth, or realized that in spite of “having it all,” they still felt an aching emptiness.
Yet each of these women discovered she had something to say and created a richer, more meaningful life for herself. And each learned about the healing power of sharing her journey with other women. In telling their stories, they offer hope to every woman searching for change and longing to set her own voice free.

Elevate Your Voice Book

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