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At the age of 26 years old I had a heart attack during labor and was diagnosed was Peripartum Cardiomyopathy. After dying and being shocked back on multiple occasions received a type of mechanical heart (LVAD) and finally 8 years after my initial diagnosis, a heart transplant. 


While recovering from my heart transplant I realized how fractured I was mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Because of this I began to seek out a mental health professional that would be able to help me deal with the trauma of my critical illness in all three phases of my life. 


Upon not being able to find one I wondered how many others were seeking restoration after or during critical illness therefore I began my doctoral journey to become a critical illness psychosynthetic psychologist. 


I am very purposeful about focusing on all three aspects of the human experience mental, emotional and spiritual and helping to restore synchronicity to each individual that seeks to restore wholeness within self. 

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