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The SCARS program is designed for those that have survived or are fighting a critical illness.


Studies show evidence of anxiety and depression in individuals that have experienced a critical illness. As a survivor and a psychologist not only can I confirm this medicinally, but I have also lived though it mentally, physically, and emotionally. Most individuals also have symptoms indicative of post-traumatic stress (PTSD) which I have experienced as well.


 Delayed physical recovery may contribute to this psychological morbidity. I have developed the SCARS model to aid those that have experienced any type of illness that could be a driving factor of PTSD or psychological morbidity.

If you’ve been through a critical illness and find yourself experiencing:


Fear or reoccurrence

Social Challenges

Body Insecurities


Intimacy & Dating Fears

Late Effects

Poor Mental Health

Hiding being a mask

Lost sense of purpose 


I’d love for you to regain: 





Personal Growth

We will accomplish this through weekly support meetings, optional 1:1 meetings, weekly mental resilience goals, intense community support and much more!

It's time to live again.

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