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Service Description

Please use this link to book a meeting with me.

Cancellation Policy

Wellness Session Policy Disclaimer for Brittany Speaks Inc By participating in wellness sessions offered by Brittany Speaks Inc, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms: No Liability Assumption: Wellness sessions provided by Brittany Speaks Inc are intended to offer support and guidance but do not guarantee specific outcomes. Brittany Speaks Inc and its counselors assume no liability for any consequences resulting from actions taken based on information provided during wellness sessions. Confidentiality: Your privacy is paramount. Information shared during wellness sessions will be kept confidential, except in cases where there is an imminent threat of harm to yourself or others, or where disclosure is required by law. Please refer to Brittany Speaks Inc's confidentiality policy for further details. Professional Boundaries: It is expected that both the counselor and the participant will maintain professional boundaries during wellness sessions, including respectful communication and appropriate behavior. Participant Responsibility: While Brittany Speaks Inc strives to provide support and guidance, participants are ultimately responsible for their decisions and actions. Active participation and open communication during wellness sessions are essential. No Guarantee of Results: Wellness sessions are collaborative, and outcomes may vary depending on individual circumstances. Brittany Speaks Inc does not guarantee specific results or outcomes from participation in wellness sessions. Suing Disclaimer: By participating in wellness sessions offered by Brittany Speaks Inc, you agree not to hold the organization or its counselors liable for any damages, losses, or injuries, including emotional distress, arising from participation in wellness sessions. In the event of any dispute, you agree to resolve it through mediation or arbitration rather than litigation. By booking this wellness session you agree to these terms.

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